Dan Lin
Associate Professor, Robert H. Buescher Faculty Fellow
Director of I-Privacy Lab

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Management

Contact: 225 Naka Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 Email: lindan@missouri.edu

External Grants (Total: $12M+, Shared credit: $5.3M+)

18. PI , "Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Broad-Spectrum Facial Image Protection with Provable Privacy Guarantees", National Science Foundation (NSF), 10/1/2021--9/30/2024, $1,243,132. (MU shared credit: $712,514, My shared credit: $498,759).

17. PI, "SaTC: Collaborative: Medium: Self-Learning and Self-Evolving Detection of Altered, Deceptive Images and Videos", National Science Foundation (NSF), 10/1/2020--9/30/2024, $1,167,084. (Lead institution. MU and my shared credit: $555,273).

16. PI, "FUTURES: Federal and University Training Union for Research and Education on Security", National Science Foundation (NSF), 8/1/2020--7/31/2025, $3,635,642. (Shared credit: 40\%)

15. PI, "Igniting the Future of Cyber Defense: Missouri GenCyber Teacher Camp", National Security Agency (NSA), 05/01/2020--04/30/2022, $100,000. (Shared credit: 60%)

14. PI, "Inspire Next Generation of Cyber Stars", National Security Agency (NSA), 04/15/2018--04/14/2019, $100,000. (Shared credit: 60%)

13. PI, with Jianping Fan (PI at UNCC), "iPrivacy: Automatic Recommendation of Personalized Privacy Settings for Image Sharing", National Science Foundation(NSF), 09/1/2016--08/31/2019, $315,000. (Lead institution, Shared credit: $159,924)

12. Co-PI, "Building a Privacy-Preserving Social Networking Platform from a Technological and Sociological Perspective", National Science Foundation(NSF), 09/1/2016--08/31/2020, $682,219. (MU is the lead institution, Shared credit: $358,714)

11. PI, "Promoting Cybersecurity and Inspiring Next Generation Cyber Warriors", National Security Agency (NSA), 04/12/2017--04/11/2018, $100,000. (Shared credit: 60%)

10. PI, "MASTER: Missouri Advanced Security Training, Education and Research", National Science Foundation (NSF), 08/15/2014--07/31/2020, $3,319,494. (Shared credit: 60%)

9. PI, "GenCyber: Security Camp for K-12 Teachers", National Security Agency (NSA), 05/1/2016--04/30/2017, $100,000. (Shared credit: 60%)

8. Co-PI, "Research and Training Experience for Undergraduates in the area of Secure Cloud Computing", National Science Foundation (NSF), 03/01/2015--02/28/2018, $360,000. (shared credit: 20%)

7. PI, with Anna Squicciarini (PI at Penn State), "Brokerage Services for the Next Generation Cloud", National Science Foundation (NSF), 09/01/2012--08/31/2014, $299,965. (Lead institution, Shared credit: $140,335)

6. PI, National Science Foundation (NSF), REU supplement, 09/01/2013--08/31/2014, $14,400. (Shared credit: 100%)

5. Co-PI, "A Doctoral Program in Security and Privacy in Mobile Social Network Space", US Department of Education(DOE), 08/16/2012--08/15/2017, $544,420. (Shared credit: 16%)

4. Co-PI, "Peer to Peer Infrastructure Security, National Security Agency (NSA), 09/11/2013--09/10/2014, $2,669. (Shared credit: 10%)

Internal Grants

3. Dan Lin, Daniel St. Clair Faculty Fellow Award, Department of Computer Science, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 07/31/2015-06/30/2017, $10,000. (Shared credit: 100%)

2. Dan Lin (PI), "Efficient Processing of Keyword Search in Spatial Databases", University of Missouri Research Board, 02/2012- 01/2013, $12,000. (Shared credit: 100%)

1. Dan Lin (PI), "Preserving Location Privacy in Pervasive Environments", University of Missouri Research Board, 06/2009- 05/2010, $29,200. (Shared credit: 100%)